Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new horizons!!

OK, so I haven't been posting much and haven't really been doing much lately either. I have been going to Zumba class at least once a week for the last 2 months. Last Monday my SIL and I did two Zumba classes back to back and we were about done! Stick a fork in us! lol We dragged my sister with us on Monday and so only did one class. She barely made it through it! So while I have fallen in love with Zumba, I have a new horizon in front of me. This Saturday my SIL and I are traveling to Martinsburg, West Virginia (1 hour and 45 minutes South West) to go to our Zumba Training to become Certified Zumba Instructors!!! YEAH!!! I am so excited! We have about 20 ladies that are interested in classes and are hoping to be able to start teaching in September! I am so excited and so nervous about this Saturday!! I'm beside myself! We are leaving at 5:30 am to get there by 7:45am. Registration starts at 8am and it all begins at 9am and goes until 6pm! It is going to be a very very very long day! We are going to be exhausted! We are going to a Gold's Gym, so hoping to be able to shower before we head home that night! Or we will be really uncomfortable on the way home! Plus probably a little stinky! lol We are so excited! My only concern is that a few years ago I was told I have a heel spur in my right heal and never really had any issues with it. Well, since I have started Zumba, it has started to hurt after class and sometimes it was hard to walk the next day. It's not so bad if I have shoes on, and Aleve helps too. Oh well, one of these days I will be able to get it checked out here when I have medical insurance!! That's all for now and I will let you all know how Saturday goes!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jillian Michaels and Zumba

I did level one of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and I was a mess after it was done! I did that Wednesday afternoon for 20 minutes and it was some work! I was sweaty after that one! It has 3 circuits of strength, cardio and abs; 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute. You go through each curcuit twice. It does work you good, even though it is only 20 minutes!! I may try it again tonight, depending how my legs feel by then!!! (Zumba is to blame!! :)

Thursday night I did my first Zumba class and it was awesome!! I cannot believe how much fun it is and how much work it is!!! It was a little over an hour long and I was hot, sweaty and out of breath when it was all over with!! But I was smiling too!! It was such unbelievable fun, that you really aren't realizing that you are exercising!! It is a lot of latin dance moves that incorporate some regular exercise moves in with it too! I was feeling it last night after I got home and I'm feelin it today!! I'm sore in my legs mostly, but my shoulders, back, may be easier to list where I'm not sore!!! LOL But it was so great and I'm going back next Thursday night!! I hope to find classes for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday too...then I can go whenever I can!! For only $5 a class, it's affordable too!!! LOVING IT!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its been forever

Ok, so I know it has been a while since I have blogged and it's because, like always, I gave up on the Insanity...for right now. They are some really hard workouts!!! They show you the results you can get from people that maybe had 30 pounds to lose and get buff. Well, I got more than 30 pounds to lose and my knees weren't too happy with me after 2 weeks of Insanity. I will go back to it, but I think I need to get a little more in shape in order to do it. It's funny that it says that in the disclaimer at the beginning of the dvds...that the workout isn't for everyone and you may have to do something else before starting Insanity. Anyway, I haven't been completely seditary, almost, but not completely. I am still going to Monday night Pilates class and would like to start going Wednesday nights too, but paying for 2 months at a time is limiting my participation there. I am going to a Zumba class Thursday night and really cannot wait! I have seen the infomercials for it and have a lot of friends go, but the only classes in my area are given Wednesday nights, when I have church activities with the youth. So, that's out of the question!! A friend of mine just told me that her church is having them Thursday nights for $5 a class, pay as you go and I am stoked! It's about 30 minutes away, but it's ok. My sister is going with me and perhaps another lady, if she can get a baby-sitter! I know it is going to be so much fun and I can't wait!! I got a Borders giftcard for Mother's Day and so I ordered online the Jillian Micheals 30 day shred (which I am going to try later today) another workout video said to burn 1000 calories and Jillian Michaels book, Mastering your Metabolism. I think if I mix up my videos that I do each day, then I won't get bored. I have an issue with boredom, which is probably why I can't commit to one program for long. Even if the workouts are hard, I get bored with them because I have done them over and over and over. So, I am going to mix things up! I have enough videos and equipment that I will be able to do that!

I can't wait for summer to start, because I will only technically be working 2 days a week (babysitting) and so I will have tons of time to get workouts in! I want to try to workout twice a day, morning and afternoon/evening...even if it's just a walk with the kids in the evenings. My husband got a job!!!! He will hopefully start within the next 2 weeks! I am so excited and so happy! He has been unemployed for over a year now and his unemployment benefits expire the end of July, so were coming down to the wire!!! The benefits are great, but the issue is that he will be working up to 12 hours a day. So that stinks, but right now he has a job and it pays decently!! So I'll be on my own alot with the kids during, but I think if I have the 2 exercise classes a week, then I may stay sane! Of course, babysitters will be needed!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I - 9 & 10

Insanity Day 9 and 10 - Yesterday was the pylometric cardio curcuit again. It is still hard, but I am finding that I am not taking as many breaks and the first two times I did on Tuesday. The worse are the drills, where you are up, then you down into a plank, do 4 push ups and run for 8 counts, jump up and do it again! Those are the worst ones! Planks suck too! I really hate planks. I don't mind push ups...even if I am doing the girl ones...but I really hate doing planks!

Today was Cardio Recovery...yeah well, not that much of a recovery day!!! lol There were a lot of squats and lunges! My knees hurt when I do it, but I just Dig Deeper and try to pull through the pain!! Today had plie work and plank work, that were so hard. I barely took any extra breaks today, so that has to be a good sign. We will see how tomorrow goes! I think it's a workout I haven't done yet!

I think Easter candy has become my downfall! I also baked bread to take to my two meals on Easter Sunday, and they didn't eat enough of it! I had 2 loaves left and we just finished them up today. I love fresh baked bread! It is the best thing in the world when it is warm and butter on it. Yum-o!!!!!! But I really, really, really have to start keeping an eye on the food intake part. I think I'm doing good, but then I have been eating chocolate and bread. Which is stuff I'm not supposed to have. So....I am going to make a good effort to get the eating under control. I have a wedding on July 3rd to go to and I would really like to be 30 pounds lighter!!! So here I go!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I - 6, 7 and 8

Insanity days 6, 7 and 8. Day 6, plyometric cardio circuit, was suposed to be Saturday but I was away most of the day and didn't get a chance to do it. Sundays are the off days on the program so I did #6 on Sunday instead of Saturday. It's the same workout I did on Tuesday and it wasn't much easier!! lol Day 7 was Monday, cardio power and resistance, and it was such a good workout. Of course, I have yet to get through one workout without stopping, but I'm doing my best! I also spent 2 hours cleaning the bathroom, an hour doing yard work with a rake and an hour pilates class that night...and a little extracarricular activities with the hubby later on. It was a very active Monday!! It was the first time I have done any yard work in the 5 years that my hubby has known me. I hate doing outside work, but he left a project unfinished for almost a year now and I had had enough! So I started it and he came home while I was doing it and helped me finish. I guess that's one way to get him to finish a project!!! lol Today, day 8, was Pure Cardio!! That one is what it says....pure cardio! He makes you go, go, go, go and gives you 30 seconds of recovery to get a drink and then go, go, go, go again!!@ You work at the high level and then come down and back up! I was a big, hot, sweaty mess when I was done!! The only issue I have with the pure cardio, is when I am jogging or sprinting in place or doing high knees, butt kicks or anything else like that, I can feel everything jiggle! My butt, belly and boobs. Well, the boobs are supposed to jiggle but I don't like feeling my bum and belly jiggling! I just imagine all the fat jiggling away...sometimes it helps!!! Oh, one success I want to brag about it that I held a plank (on the elbows) for 30 seconds in pilates class!!! I hate planks!! I told her I would rather do push ups instead!! lol Well, it is a gorgeous 80 degree day today and had the kids out. Pushing 2 40 pound kids for half an hour is quite an arm workout! Did that yesterday too! lol Tomorrow is going to be just as beautiful!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Insanity - Day 5 - I'm on a roll!!! Exercise 5 days in a row now! One more day for this week and I get Sunday off, but I'm going to try to get a walk in between the 2 Easter meals I have on Sunday! Today was Cardio Max and it was crazy! (or rather INSANE!) I couldn't keep up but I tried my hardest. Like I said before, the people on the video, who are thin and in shape, are stopping and taking breaks, so I don't feel so bad when I have to stop. He was doing some stuff and I was just like WHAT!!! I just couldn't! I had nothing at that point to give! But I kept going and did what I could. I mean I haven't really exercised since November, so getting back in the swing of things is going to take some time!!! I am getting all my water drank and have been soda and caffeine free for 5 days! I am starting to feel a whole lot better! I can't believe how much of an improvement I am seeing already in how I feel when I am fully hydrated and not on caffeine. I do miss the taste of my diet mt dew, but I can live without it and it was starting to get expensive!! I am having a hard time with the sugar, though. I am trying my best and working on it!! Tomorrow is another day!!


Insanity - day 4! Cardio Recovery...he said it was an off day....yeah right!! It was hard! Loads of squats and lunges and drills. Killer!! Just have to Dig Deeper! (as Shaun T says!!) Food is going good...not to the 'T' but getting there!! :)